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The Civic Tech Collective is a digital platform connecting communities to valuable tools, resources, and news about the advances being made to solve real-life issues through technology.



The Civic Tech Collective aims to fill the void of information online about the advances being made to solve real-life issues in communities globally through technology. Mainstream media focuses so much on what needs to be done to transform our communities or what is not being done to improve government. We are focused on what is being done and giving voice to who is doing the work.


We Utilize Media as a Catalyst for:


Community Building

Restorative Media



To amplify the voices of social entrepreneurs utilizing technology to positively impact lives, communities, and ultimately the world. To empower and connect citizens, influencers, dreamers, and "doers."

Core Values

Social Entrepreneurship

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Meet the Founder

Monique Wingard

Monique is a digital media professional, advocate for women and youth in STEAM, and founder of The Civic Tech Collective.

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